It is the department that manages the application phase in coordination with the Electrical Engineering project group in structures of different classes contracted by Öztek.

Service Scope

Elektrik Tesisat Taahüt Hizmetleri
  • Low Voltage Energy Provision
  • Main Distribution and Compensation Systems Installations
  • Reserve Energy (Generator) System Installations
  • Grounding and Lightning Protection Installations
  • Power Distribution and Plug Installations
  • Internal Illumination Installations
  • External Illumination Installations
  • Security Illumination Installations
  • Mechanic Systems Electrification
  • Automatic Controller and Control Installations
  • Phone, Data, SMATV, Sounding and Emergency Announcement Systems Installations
  • Fire Detection / Notification, CCTV, Security and Entrance Control Systems Installations
  • UPS Installations Automation and Process Systems Installations