It is the department of Öztek that gives service in design and drawing areas of electrical installation projects pertaining to structures of different classes whose Architectural and decoration projects have been finalized. The project department also coordinates with the contract group the shop drawing and as-built project phases of the contract works that were undertaken.

Service Scope

Elektrik Tesisat Taahüt Hizmetleri
  • Middle Voltage Installation Projects
  • Main Distribution and Compensation Installation Projects
  • Reserve Energy (Generator) System Projects
  • High Current Plug Installation Projects
  • UPS Projects
  • Internal Illumination Installation Projects
  • External Illumination Installation Projects
  • Grounding and Lightning Protection Installation Projects
  • Cable Carrier System Projects
  • Mechanical Installation Electrification Projects
  • Mechanical Installation Electrification Projects
  • Fire Detection / Notification, CCTV, Security and Entrance Control Systems Projects
  • Professional Sound and Light Systems Projects