About Us


Öztek Project Engineering continues its activity and stably growing volume in electrical contracting and design fields, renewing itself constantly, following the actual regulations, technological developments and new extensions of electrical engineering.

Öztek objects to deliver electrical design and contracting works, carrying the krowledge of employer responsibility in programmed time with programmed manpower, material/ cash flow and optimum cost. Öztek also aims to respond service calls immediately by sharing the employer responsibility of the delivered works among years.

Established with a capital of knowledge, Öztek, with its professional technical staff, institutional execution mentality, powerful! suppliers and wide labourer staff, managed to deliver electrical turnkey contracting works of over 1 Mm2 of construction site and has the pride to serve reputable employers both nationally and internationally.

Since Öztek joined the sector of electrical design and contracting, it has been inspired by “ the human” as the unique milestone of the corporation and followed steps of transition from individualism to institution and aimed to maintain the sustainability of the institutional structure.

With this knowledge, our mission is; to become a pioneer institution in the elecrical design and contracting sector, together with all our employees, to improve our institutional objects by refering ethic and humanistic values without conceding fundamental principles and essential quality value of electrical engineering.

Our vision is; to become globally competitive, to create large fields of employement, to become a nationally and internationally reputable institution with social responsibility knowledge.

Our quality policy is; to carry out our activity in accordance with Quality, Environmental Protection and Work Safety regulations and obtain absolute customer satisfaction, to improve our institutional quality, environmental protection and work safety systems constantly by maintaining the participation of all our employees.

about us